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Anika Medium Jar


Anika Medium Jar:

Opulent Elegance

Introducing the epitome of opulent elegance: Our Anika Jars—the quintessential styling accessory for those with a discerning taste for making a statement. Embellished with a grandeur that transcends ordinary, these jars boast an expansive size, coupled with a captivating ombre burgundy hue and adorned with a resplendent gold lid, ensuring an atmosphere of pure luxury. Available in small and large.


  • Length: 21 cm
  • Diameter: 21 cm
  • Height: 84 cm


  1. Expansive Size: These jars command attention with their generous dimensions, making them ideal for creating impactful displays.
  2. Captivating Ombre Hue: The transition from deep burgundy to lighter tones adds depth and visual interest.
  3. Resplendent Gold Lid: The gilded lid exudes opulence and elevates the overall aesthetic.

Versatile Styling:

  • Solo Showcase: Place a single Anika Medium Jar on a console table or mantelpiece for a bold focal point.
  • Duo Drama: Pair it with the Anika Large Jar for a balanced composition.
  • Group Ensemble: Combine both sizes to create a harmonious arrangement.

Setting the Scene:

  • Luxurious Living Room: Position Anika Jars on a sideboard or bookshelf to enhance your living space.
  • Elegant Bedroom: Add sophistication by styling the Anika Medium Jar on a dresser or nightstand.
  • Chic Dining Area: Place it as a centerpiece on your dining table for refined elegance.

Colour Coordination:

  • Burgundy Harmony: Complement the ombre hue with rich textiles like velvet cushions or silk drapes.
  • Metallic Accents: Pair with gold-framed mirrors or metallic candleholders for cohesive opulence.

Discover the allure of Anika Medium Jar—a harmonious blend of sophistication and extravagance. Visit our store or contact us for more details on this exquisite piece.

Item No: 53-0126-1