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Daito Black & Gold Medium Vase


Fluted Daito Vases in Black and Gold
Embrace the elegance of the Fluted Daito Vases, where the timeless allure of the Daito style meets the grace of modern design. Available in medium and tall sizes, these vases are a symphony of form, texture, and colour.

Material: Each vase is crafted from the finest aluminium, ensuring a lightweight yet durable presence. The two-tone finish of textured black and metallic gold offers a sophisticated and luxurious feel.

Height: 40cm
Diameter: 11cm

Height: 50cm
Diameter: 11cm

Design: The fluted contours of these vases create a visual rhythm that captivates and delights. The medium vase invites a subtle elegance, while the tall vase makes a more pronounced statement.

Versatile Appeal: Suited for mid-century modern to urban-inspired interiors, these vases serve as stunning focal points. Their round shape and textured surface make them stand out in any setting.

Styling Tip: Whether displayed individually or as a pair, these vases are perfect for showcasing dry botanicals or standing proudly on their own. Their solid construction and non-translucent finish make them ideal for any surface that needs a touch of refined beauty.

Item No: 50-0687-37