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Blue Ribbon Vase


Blue Ribbon Vase

A captivating piece that embodies the fluidity of water and the purity of the sky. This hand-blown Polish glass vase is a testament to the delicate balance of color and form.

* Material: The vase is meticulously crafted from translucent blue Polish glass, adorned with graceful white ribbons that meander through its surface. Each ribbon tells a story of movement and serenity.

* Dimensions:
* Height: 27cm
* Diameter: 13cm

Design Aesthetics:
* Oceanic Allure: The blue hue evokes the depths of the sea, while the white ribbons resemble gentle waves breaking on the shore. It’s a harmonious blend of aquatic and celestial beauty.
* Sculptural Simplicity: The vase’s sleek form allows it to stand alone as a work of art or to cradle your favorite blooms with elegance.

Styling Tip:
* Coastal Chic: Pair the Blue Ribbon Vase with seashells, beach grass, or delicate sea fans for a coastal-inspired display. Let it evoke memories of ocean breezes and salt-kissed air.

* Limited Edition: As part of our exclusive Blue Ribbon collection, this vase is available in limited quantities. Embrace its ethereal allure and let it grace your home with tranquility.

Item No: 50-0741-24