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Blue Stone Diffuser Bottle


Blue Stone Diffuser Bottle

Introducing the serene elegance of the Blue Stone Diffuser Bottle, a distinguished member of our Stone collection. This Polish glass diffuser bottle is a harmonious blend of subtle colors and refined design, perfect for adding a touch of tranquility to any space.

* Material: The diffuser bottle is expertly hand-blown from Polish glass, featuring a light grey base with delicate light blue and black accents that mimic the natural beauty of stone.

* Dimensions:
* Height: 15cm
* Diameter: 8cm

Design Aesthetics:
* Stone-Inspired Palette: The gentle grey hue serves as a canvas for the soft blue and black details, creating a piece that reflects the calming qualities of stone and sky.
* Sleek Silhouette: The bottle’s sleek form is both modern and timeless, making it an ideal accessory for any decor style, from minimalist to contemporary.

* Fragrance Your Way: The Blue Stone Diffuser Bottle is designed to be paired with your chosen diffuser oil (sold separately), allowing you to create a personalized aromatic experience.

* Complete with Reeds: The bottle comes with reeds that efficiently wick and diffuse your selected scent, enveloping your room in a subtle and inviting fragrance.

Styling Tip:
* Create a Sanctuary: Place the diffuser bottle in a space where relaxation is key, such as a reading nook or beside a soaking tub. Its soothing colors and gentle diffusion will enhance the peaceful atmosphere.

* Limited Edition: As part of the exclusive Stone collection, this diffuser bottle is available in limited quantities, ensuring that your decor remains unique and elegant.

Item No: 85-0165-24