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Columbia Brass Mantle Clock


Columbia Traditional Desk Clock

Embrace the fusion of elegance and functionality with the Columbia Traditional Desk Clock. This remarkable timepiece marries classic design with thoughtful features, making it a standout addition to any desk or workspace.

* Finish: The clock boasts an antique brass finish, evoking a sense of timeless sophistication.
* Clock Face: The elegant clock face, adorned with Roman numerals, ensures easy readability.
* Precision Hands: The smart second, minute, and hour hands in black move with precision, keeping time flawlessly.
* Cog Mechanism: Set in front of a cog mechanism, this clock pays homage to the intricate inner workings of timekeeping.
* Magnified Glass Front: The magnified glass front adds a nautical theme, reminiscent of shipboard chronometers.

* Height: 27cm
* Width: 18cm
* Depth: 12cm
* Battery: Requires one AAA battery (not included).

Limited Availability: As part of our exclusive collection, the Columbia Traditional Desk Clock is available in limited quantities, ensuring that your choice is both distinctive and refined.

Item No: 61-0078-4