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Medium Aluminium Planter



Elements Textured Aluminium Floor Planter in Gold:
Introducing our Elements Textured Aluminium Floor Planters in Gold, a fusion of modern design and timeless elegance. These planters are a statement of luxury and style, perfect for any high-end interior space.

Material: These planters are crafted from premium textured aluminium, with a stunning gold finish that radiates sophistication.
Stand: Each planter is supported by a sleek black stand, providing a sturdy base and a visual contrast that enhances the gold’s allure.

Sizes Available:
Height: 50cm
Planter Diameter: 22.5cm
Total Diameter: 26cm
Ideal for: Accentuating boutique spaces or adding a touch of glamour to intimate settings.
Height: 60cm
Planter Diameter: 26cm
Total Diameter: 31cm
Perfect for: Bringing a luxurious feel to professional environments or stylish homes.
Height: 75cm
Planter Diameter: 33cm
Total Diameter: 36cm
Great fit for: Making a bold statement in grand entryways or spacious lounge areas.

Versatile and Luxurious: Whether showcasing lush green foliage, sculptural succulents, or vibrant blooms, these floor planters add an artistic touch to any environment. Their unique texture and radiant gold hue make them conversation starters.

Limited Availability: As part of our exclusive collection, these Elements planters are available in limited quantities. Secure yours today and transform your space into a haven of elegance.

Item No: 55-0045-4