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Fish Bowl Glass Vase

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Fish Bowl Glass Vase

Versatile Elegance, Timeless Appeal

The Fish Bowl Glass Vase transcends mere functionality—it’s a canvas for your floral creativity. Handcrafted from clear glass, this vase offers endless possibilities. Let’s explore its features and discover how to style it effortlessly:


  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 18 cm
    • Diameter: 25 cm
  • Material: Clear Glass


  1. Versatile Clarity:

    • The transparent glass allows your blooms to take centre stage.
    • Whether you choose fresh flowers or lifelike faux arrangements, this vase adapts beautifully.
  2. Handcrafted Beauty:

    • Each vase is lovingly handcrafted, making it unique and full of character.
    • The imperfections add to its charm, celebrating the artistry of glassmaking.
  3. Real or Faux:

    • Fresh Blooms: Fill with seasonal flowers—roses, tulips, or daisies—for a natural touch.
    • Lifelike Faux: Showcase realistic silk flowers or greenery for everlasting beauty.

Styling Tips:

  1. Minimalist Chic:

    • Solo Statement: Let the Fish Bowl Glass Vase stand alone on a coffee table or mantel.
    • Single Stem: A single elegant stem (like a lily or orchid) creates simplicity.
  2. Floating Blooms:

    • Water Garden: Float blossoms like gardenias or lotus flowers in water for a serene display.
    • Submerged Elegance: Submerge orchids or calla lilies partially in water for an ethereal effect.
  3. Terrarium Magic:

    • Miniature World: Create a tiny ecosystem with moss, air plants, and decorative stones.
    • Sculptural Succulents: Arrange succulents or cacti for a low-maintenance terrarium.
  4. Seasonal Shifts:

    • Spring: Fresh-cut daffodils or hyacinths.
    • Summer: Vibrant sunflowers or wildflower sprigs.
    • Autumn: Rust-toned leaves or dried wheat.
    • Winter: Evergreen branches or pinecones.

The Fish Bowl Glass Vase—a vessel of possibilities—awaits your floral inspiration. Visit our store or contact us for more details.

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