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Sophia Gold Diamanté Red Wine Glasses (Set of 4)


Sophia Gold Diamanté Red Wine Glasses (Set of 4)

Indulge in the art of wine appreciation with the Sophia Gold Diamanté Red Wine Glasses. This exquisite set of four glasses combines timeless design with a touch of glamour, making each sip a celebration.


  • Material: Crafted from premium glass, these red wine glasses feature delicate diamanté accents and a luxurious gold embellishment.
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 28 cm
    • Diameter: 7 cm

Design Aesthetics:

  • Golden Elegance: The gold embellishments add sophistication, while the diamanté detailing sparkles like stars against the wine’s rich hue.
  • Red Wine Ready: The bowl shape allows ample aeration, enhancing the wine’s aromas and flavors.


  • Handwash Only: To preserve the intricate diamanté embellishments, these glasses require gentle handwashing.
  • Toast in Style: Ideal for Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, or any preferred red wine, these glasses elevate your drinking experience.

Styling Tip:

  • Sophisticated Gatherings: Pair these glasses with a linen tablecloth and candlelight for an elegant dinner soirée.
  • Thoughtful Gift: The Sophia Gold Diamanté Red Wine Glasses make a memorable gift for wine enthusiasts who appreciate both aesthetics and functionality.

Sophia Gold Diamanté Red Wine Glasses: Where elegance meets effervescence in every pour.

Item No: 70-0021-3