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Large Paperweight Clock


Large Paperweight Clock

Enhance your study with the perfect accessory—the Large Paperweight Clock. This stylish freestanding clock not only keeps time but also doubles up as a functional paperweight. Its thoughtful design seamlessly combines form and function.

* See-Through Face: The clock’s transparent face proudly reveals the intricate internal mechanism, allowing you to appreciate the artistry of timekeeping.
* Orb-Shaped Design: The clock’s elegant orb shape adds a touch of sophistication to any desk or table. Its curves evoke a sense of harmony and balance.
* Classic Nickel Finish: Crafted in a timeless nickel finish, this clock complements both traditional and contemporary decor.
* Precise Quartz Timekeeping
* Seconds Hand: The inclusion of a seconds hand ensures precise timekeeping down to the second.
* AA Battery: The clock operates on a single AA battery (not included), making it convenient and reliable.

* Height: 13cm
* Width: 15cm
* Depth: 15cm
* Weight: 1.5kg

Material: The clock is crafted from durable aluminium, ensuring longevity and style.
Colour: A sleek silver finish adds a touch of modern elegance.

Whether placed on your study desk, bookshelf, or side table, the Large Paperweight Clock is a functional work of art that elevates your workspace.

Item No: 61-0010-4