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Mayfair Glass Jar


Mayfair Glass Jar

The Mayfair glass jar is a stylish and versatile container, ideal for an array of storage needs. Whether it’s for wrapped sweets, long matchsticks, cotton balls, or bath salts, this jar combines functionality with elegance.

* Material: Made from clear glass, it allows for easy identification of contents while adding a touch of sophistication to any space.

* Dimensions:
* Height: 18cm
* Diameter: 12cm

Design Aesthetics:
* Simple Elegance: The jar’s clear glass design ensures that it fits seamlessly into any decor, from modern to traditional.
* Versatile Use: Perfect for use in the bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen, this jar helps keep your spaces organized and stylish.

* Practical Storage: The jar’s size is ideal for everyday items, making it a practical addition to your home organization.
* Easy to Use: The lid provides quick access while keeping the contents dust-free and neatly contained.

Styling Tip:
* Decorative Organization: Use this jar to declutter and organize while also enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your countertops and shelves.

The Mayfair glass jar is not just a practical storage solution; it’s a decorative element that brings both beauty and order to your home.

Item No: 53-0047-3