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Light Blue 33cm Simplicity Vase


Light Blue Simplicity Blown Glass Vase | 33cm | Eco-Friendly Elegance

Elevate Your Space:

Our 33cm Light Blue Simplicity Vase is a harmonious blend of sustainability and aesthetics. Handblown from 100% recycled glass, this vase boasts a rounded shape that captures attention. Whether you fill it with fresh blooms or let it stand as a decorative accent, its serene light blue hue adds tranquillity to any room.


  • Height: 33 cm
  • Diameter: 33 cm
  • Capacity: 13.8 litres
  • Materials: 100% Recycled Glass


  1. Ethical Craftsmanship: Made in the EU, this vase aligns with our commitment to eco-conscious living. It’s a testament to responsible design and mindful production.

  2. Unique Beauty: Each handblown vase is one-of-a-kind, with subtle variations in shape. Embrace its individuality as part of your décor.

Styling Suggestions:

  • Monochromatic Serenity: Pair the Light Blue Simplicity Vase with neutral tones—whites, creams, or soft greys—for a calming display.

  • Single Stem Showcase: Highlight a single elegant stem or branch within the vase. Its generous size emphasizes simplicity and elegance.

  • Grouped Ensemble: Combine multiple vases in varying colours for a captivating centrepiece. Arrange them on a sideboard, mantel, or console table.

  • Tabletop Tranquillity: Use this vase as a focal point during meals or gatherings. Fill it with fresh flowers or dried grasses for a touch of natural beauty.

Embrace sustainable luxury with our Light Blue Simplicity Vase—a celebration of artistry and environmental responsibility. Visit our store or contact us for further information.

Item No: 50-0555-6