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Medium Classica Dome Jar


Classica Dome Jar

Unveil the timeless charm of the Classica Dome Jar, a piece that marries the grandeur of traditional aesthetics with the clarity of modern design. Standing on a rounded base, this jar is a testament to classical elegance and functional artistry.

* Material: The jar is meticulously crafted from fine glass, transparent to reveal its contents or to stand alone as a decorative piece.

* Dimensions:
* Height: 25cm
* Diameter: 12cm

Design Aesthetics:
* Traditional Roots: The jar’s design draws inspiration from classical forms, boasting a rounded base that grounds it with stability and grace.
* Elegant Lid: A matching dome-shaped lid crowns the jar, adding to its visual appeal with a silhouette that echoes the curves of the base.
* Stylish Finial: The lid is finished with a tastefully designed finial, a modern twist on the traditional knob, enhancing the overall sophistication of the jar.

Styling Tip:
* Adaptable Elegance: Whether showcasing it as a standalone piece or using it to hold treasured items, the Classica Dome Jar is a versatile addition to any interior.
* Size Variations: Also available in a larger size with a height of 38cm and a diameter of 18cm, allowing for a harmonious arrangement that can be tailored to your space.

The Classica Dome Jar is not merely a container but a statement of elegance, designed to enrich the ambiance of any setting with its classic beauty.

Item No: 50-0692-37