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Melia Light


Crafted with exceptional quality from natural, sustainable wood in your choice of walnut, black or white ash, the Melia Light brings something a little different to our extensive lighting range.

You will be the envy of your friends with this superior light which changes, with a simple touch of the beautiful wood, between a warm white light radiating through the premium frosted glass, and a colour changing option with seven vibrant alternating colours. The Larger version of the Melia Light has the function to dim the light too!

The changing colours are a big hit with children too, and of course, the lamp is completely safe to use, made using smooth, non-fragile solid acrylic glass which stays cool, making it perfect to gift to young and old alike as a decorative light or nightlight.

Combined with sleek and stylish design, practicality, as you would expect, is taken care of with water resistant materials and a battery life of 12-24 hours. Bringing our usual eco-friendly, premium quality combined with a little fun, the cute and stylish Melia Light is certainly perfect for so many spaces and occasions.

Item No: 30-0317-38 (Walnut Wood)

Item No: 30-0318-38 (Black Wood)

Item No: 30-0319-38 (White Ash Wood)