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Mulberry 23cm Glass Vase


Mulberry 23cm Glass Vase

Organic Beauty, Sustainable Craftsmanship

Crafted from 100% recycled glass, the Mulberry 23cm Glass Vase embodies both eco-consciousness and aesthetic allure. Its hand-blown form celebrates imperfection, making each vase a unique work of art. Here are the details:

  • Dimensions:

    • Height: 23 cm
    • Diameter: 21 cm
  • Capacity: 3.5 litres

  • Recommended Care: Hand wash this item to maintain its pristine appearance.


  1. Blown Glass Elegance: The organic shape of this vase evokes the beauty of nature. Its irregular contours capture the essence of handcrafted artistry.

  2. Sustainable Choice: By using recycled glass, this vase contributes to a greener planet. It’s a testament to mindful design and responsible consumption.

Styling Tips:

  1. Floral Finesse:

    • Fresh Blooms: Fill the Mulberry Vase with seasonal flowers—roses, tulips, or wildflowers—for a delightful display.
    • Monochromatic Drama: Choose blooms in shades that complement the mulberry colour for a harmonious arrangement.
  2. Stand-Alone Statement:

    • Minimalist Showcase: Let the vase shine on its own as a decorative centrepiece. Its rich hue adds warmth to any room.
    • Sunlit Corners: Place it near a window, allowing sunlight to dance through the translucent glass.

Whether gracing your dining table or accentuating a mantel, the Mulberry 23cm Glass Vase embodies sustainable elegance. Visit our store or contact us for more details.

Item No: 50-0549-6