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Oval Diffuser Bottle in Dreamy Earth


Oval Dreamy Earth Diffuser

Complete your collection with the Oval Dreamy Earth Diffuser, a piece that exudes tranquility and sophistication. This diffuser’s organic form and earthy palette make it an essential element of the Dreamy Earth series.

* Material: Crafted from the signature Polish glass of the collection, the oval shape of this diffuser is both modern and timeless, a testament to the skilled artisans of Poland.

* Dimensions:
* Height: 12cm
* Diameter: 14cm

Design Aesthetics:
* Oval Harmony: The smooth, oval form of the diffuser is pleasing to the eye, offering a soft yet striking profile that complements any decor.
* Natural Palette: In line with the Dreamy Earth theme, the diffuser features a blend of natural colors, creating a peaceful and grounding atmosphere.

* Customizable Scent: Designed for use with your chosen diffuser oil (not included), this piece allows you to tailor the ambiance of your surroundings to your personal preference.
* Included Accessories: The diffuser comes with sticks that efficiently wick and diffuse the fragrance, ensuring a consistent and subtle release of aroma.

Styling Tip:
* Centrepiece or Companion: The Oval Dreamy Earth Diffuser can serve as a central feature in a room or as a complement to other pieces in the collection. Its size and shape are perfect for creating a cohesive look when displayed alongside other Dreamy Earth items.

* Limited Edition: Reflecting the exclusivity of the Dreamy Earth collection, this diffuser is available in limited quantities, making it a prized addition to any space.

Item No: 85-0162-24