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Pearl Jar Large


Pearl Jar Collection

Make a sophisticated statement with our stunning Pearl Jar Collection. These decorative jars, available in three distinct sizes, exude elegance and timeless beauty. Each jar is a work of art, meticulously crafted to enhance your living space.

* Muted Color Palette: The jars boast an off-white finesse, creating a serene and sophisticated atmosphere.
* Gold Statement Lid: Each jar is crowned with a complementary gold lid, making a bold yet elegant statement.
* Hand Painted Finish: Please note that due to the hand-painted finish, slight variations in color and texture may occur, adding to the uniqueness of each piece.
* Material: The jars are crafted from glass, featuring an aluminium handle in a lustrous gold finish, marrying durability with luxury.

Available Sizes (Sold Separately):

Large Jar:
* Height: 36cm
* Diameter: 34cm

Medium Jar:
* Height: 30cm
* Diameter: 22cm

Small Jar:
* Height: 24cm
* Diameter: 18cm

Whether displayed individually or as an ensemble, the Pearl Jar Collection brings a touch of refined grace to any space.

Item No: 53-0123-1