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Sai Medium Jar


The Sai Jar

The Sai Jar is a luxurious addition to any decor collection, offering a seamless blend of color and elegance. Available in both large and medium sizes, each jar is a unique piece, sold separately and in limited quantities.

* Ombré Design: The jars feature a sophisticated ombré effect, transitioning from a deep, rich brown to a subtle light grey, embodying a modern yet timeless aesthetic.
* Gold Lid with Crystal Embellishment: Each jar is crowned with a gold lid that gleams with opulence, further enhanced by a sparkling crystal adornment.

Large Jar:
* Height: 20cm
* Diameter: 24cm

Medium Jar:
* Height: 17cm
* Diameter: 17cm

The Sai Jar is not just a container but a statement piece that captivates and complements the luxury of your space.

Item No: 53-9123-1