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Vermont Single Stem Vase


Vermont Single Stem Crystal Vase

Elegance meets versatility in our Single Stem Crystal Vase. Crafted from exquisite crystal glass, this petite vase is designed to showcase the beauty of a single stem, whether it’s a dried flower or a freshly cut bloom.

* Material: Made from premium crystal glass, the vase captures and refracts light, adding a touch of brilliance to any setting.

* Dimensions:
* Height: 15cm
* Width: 5cm
* Depth: 5cm
* Weight: 0.88kg

Design Aesthetics:
* Minimalist Sophistication: The slender silhouette emphasizes simplicity, allowing the focus to remain on the delicate stem it cradles.
* Crystal Clarity: The flawless transparency of the glass ensures that your chosen flower takes center stage.

* Single Stem Showcase: Ideal for displaying a single flower, whether it’s a sentimental gift or a garden treasure.
* Versatile Placement: Perfect for dressing up your bedside table, windowsill, or office desk.

Styling Tip:
* Subtle Accent: Use the Single Stem Crystal Vase to add a touch of refinement to any corner of your home. Its petite size makes it easy to incorporate into various decor styles.

The Vermont Single Stem Crystal Vase is a testament to the beauty of simplicity, allowing nature’s elegance to shine through.

Item No: 50-0195-3