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Boat Dish


Boat Dish

Textured Elegance

The Boat Dish seamlessly combines contrasting textures—a textured surface alongside smooth black aluminium. Crafted with attention to detail, it exudes modern sophistication. Here’s what makes this dish enchanting:


  • Height: 7 cm
  • Width: 49 cm
  • Depth: 15 cm


  1. Textured Surface:

    • The dish showcases a unique texture, adding visual interest.
    • The irregular pattern invites touch and curiosity.
    • Consider pairing it with other textured elements like woven placemats or linen napkins.
  2. Luxurious Appeal:

    • The warm metallic finish elevates its overall aesthetic.
    • The sleek black aluminum provides a striking contrast.
    • Imagine it against a crisp white tablecloth or a dark wooden tabletop.

Color Combinations:

  1. Blush Pink Accents:

    • Introduce blush pink napkins or placemats for a soft, feminine touch.
    • Blush pink complements the warmth of the metallic finish.
  2. Navy Blue Sophistication:

    • Navy blue pairs beautifully with black and metallics.
    • Consider navy blue plates or glassware alongside the Boat Dish.
  3. Gold Glamour:

    • Gold flatware or napkin rings add a touch of opulence.
    • The combination of gold and black exudes elegance.

Styling Tips:

  1. Centrepiece Brilliance:

    • Place it on your tabletop as a striking centrepiece.
    • Let its contrasting textures draw eyes and spark conversation.
    • Arrange dried grasses or tall faux stems inside for added drama.
  2. Monochrome Harmony:

    • Pair it with other black or metallic decor elements.
    • Create a cohesive look by playing with similar finishes.
    • Add gold-rimmed plates or metallic candleholders.
  3. Modern Minimalism:

    • Keep the table setting clean and uncluttered.
    • Let the Boat Dish stand out as a sculptural piece.
    • Use white or neutral linens to maintain simplicity.

Embrace the elegance of the Boat Dish. Visit our store or call us for more details.

Item No: 50-0689-37