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Small Corrugated Floor Planter


Elegant Antique Gold and Ebony Floor Planters

Discover the epitome of luxury with our Antique Gold and Ebony Floor Planters. These statuesque pieces are a testament to refined taste, designed to infuse any space with a touch of grandeur.

- Material: Each planter is adorned with a radiant antique gold finish, providing a regal ambiance that is both inviting and impressive. The ebony legs stand tall, offering a robust foundation and a visually pleasing contrast.
Sizes Available:
- Height: 56cm
- Planter Diameter: 30cm
- Total Diameter: 34cm
- Height: 46cm
- Planter Diameter: 28cm
- Total Diameter: 31cm
- Height: 36cm
- Planter Diameter: 21.5cm
- Total Diameter: 24.5cm

Designed for Discerning Spaces:
Ideal for both residential and commercial upscale interiors, these floor planters stand as a symbol of sophistication. They are perfect for showcasing large plants or trees, adding life and color to any high-end environment.

A Bold Statement Piece:
With their impressive height and striking gold finish, these planters command attention. The corrugated design adds a contemporary twist, making them not just planters, but pieces of art.

Exclusive Collection:
Part of a select range, these floor planters are available in limited quantities, ensuring that your decor remains unique and distinguished.

Item No: 55-0062-4