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Dreamy Earth Sphere Diffuser


Dreamy Earth Sphere Diffuser

Infuse your space with the serene ambiance of our Dreamy Earth Sphere Diffuser. This beautifully crafted piece is a part of the esteemed Dreamy Earth collection, designed to harmonize with the natural elements of your decor.

* Material: The diffuser is made from the same high-quality Polish glass as the rest of the collection, with a spherical shape that radiates calm and balance.

* Dimensions:
* Diameter: 10cm

Design Aesthetics:
* Sphere of Serenity: The round, balanced form of the diffuser is both visually pleasing and symbolically powerful, representing completeness and unity.
* Earthy Tones: Echoing the collection’s theme, the diffuser features a blend of earth-inspired colors that bring a grounded, peaceful feel to any room.

* Aromatic Experience: Designed to be used with your choice of diffuser oil (sold separately), this piece allows you to personalize the scent of your environment.
* Included Accessories: The diffuser comes with sticks that absorb and gently release the fragrance, creating a subtle, long-lasting aroma.

Styling Tip:
* Centre of Calm: Place the Dreamy Earth Sphere Diffuser in the center of a room to allow the scent to distribute evenly. It’s not only a source of fragrance but also a statement piece that complements the aesthetic of any space.

* Limited Edition: As with all items in the Dreamy Earth collection, this diffuser is available in limited quantities, making it a unique and valuable addition to your home.

Item No: 85-0167-24