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Stormy Sky Sphere Diffuser


Stormy Sky Sphere Diffuser

Immerse yourself in the abstract beauty of the Stormy Sky Sphere Diffuser, a captivating addition to our Stormy Sky collection. This hand-blown Polish glass diffuser is a testament to the unpredictable elegance of a tempestuous sky.

* Material: Each diffuser is a unique canvas, handcrafted with care, featuring a spontaneous interplay of black and white that creates an abstract pattern reminiscent of a storm’s fleeting beauty.

* Dimensions:
* Height: 11cm
* Diameter: 10cm

Design Aesthetics:
* Abstract Artistry: The unique pattern on each sphere diffuser evokes the dynamic and ever-changing visuals of a stormy sky, making it a striking decorative piece.
* Sphere of Calm: Despite its storm-inspired design, the sphere shape of the diffuser brings a sense of calm and completeness to any space.

* Customisable Fragrance: The diffuser is designed to be used with your choice of oil (sold separately), allowing you to create a personalized scent experience that complements the visual aesthetics.
* Included Reeds: It comes complete with reeds that efficiently absorb and diffuse the fragrance, filling your room with a subtle and inviting aroma.

Styling Tip:
* Center of Serenity: Place the Stormy Sky Sphere Diffuser in a central location to enjoy its visual beauty and aromatic benefits. It’s perfect for creating a tranquil atmosphere in any room.

* Limited Edition: Reflecting the exclusivity of the Stormy Sky collection, this diffuser is available in limited quantities, adding to its allure and collectability.

Item No: 85-0163-24