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Veta Planter Large


Veta Planter Nickel Antique Large

Dimensions: W:355 D:290 H:220 mm

For indoor and outdoor use

Due to the outdoor nature of these products, some rusting is to be expected. This is the natural aging process of the product.

Our metal planters, ornaments and furniture are designed for outdoor use and will age naturally due to the additional elements found in an exterior environment. 

It is quite normal for cast and wrought iron products to develop surface rust and this aged appearance of the metal is to be expected. The rust will not affect the integrity of the product but adds a rustic patina finish to the items. Most of our iron products are supplied to naturally age in this way.

Metal products will age quicker when in close vicinity to the coast due to the increase of salt in the atmosphere. 

Steel and aluminium products will dull and corrode over time, again depending on placement and exposure to the elements. 

Some planters and furniture will have distressing, antiquing or faux rust already applied and this is a unique feature to depict a pre-aged appearance. 

 Be mindful when placing some products design to rust as part of their feature as they could leave tarnishing when hung on a wall or placed on the ground. 

Metal furniture requires minimal maintenance. 

Cleaning your metal furniture is very simple. Use a soft cotton cloth and clean with mild detergent or water.

Specific metal cleaning products are available from hardware stores. Smudges and smears can be removed from metal furniture by using a window cleaner and a paper towel. 

Indoor metal furniture is not recommended for outdoor use in harsh weather conditions its advisable to cover metal furniture and ornaments or place under cover where possible.

Item No: 50-0250-2