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Blue Ribbon Wide Neck Vase


Blue Ribbon Wide Neck Vase

Introducing the Blue Ribbon Wide Neck Vase, a stunning representation of the Blue Ribbon collection’s signature style. This hand-blown Polish glass vase is a symphony of color and form, sure to captivate and charm.

* Material: The vase is crafted from translucent blue Polish glass, with delicate ribbons of white swirling throughout, creating a visual effect reminiscent of serene ocean waves or clear skies adorned with wispy clouds.

* Dimensions:
* Height: 28cm
* Diameter: 18cm

Design Aesthetics:
* Fluid Elegance: The white ribbons flow through the blue glass, offering a sense of movement and grace that enhances the vase’s wide-neck design.
* Versatile Display: The vase’s generous opening allows for a variety of floral arrangements, from lush bouquets to simple, elegant stems.

Styling Tip:
* Aquatic Harmony: Complement the vase with flowers in white or soft pastel shades to highlight the gentle contrast of the ribbons, or use bold, colorful blooms to create a striking visual impact.

* Limited Edition: As with all pieces in the hand-blown Blue Ribbon collection, this vase is available in limited quantities, making it a unique and prized addition to any collection.

Item No: 50-0742-24